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What the policy covers It is important to Fly Jamaica Airways to help our customers retain their privacy.  We believe your business is no one else’s.  Your privacy is important to you and to us, so we will protect the information you share with us. This Privacy Policy covers the sources and kinds of information we collect, how we use it, when it may be shared with others and how we safeguard its confidentiality and security.  Although this Privacy Policy is not a contract and does not create any legal rights, it serves as an expression of Fly Jamaica Airways’ commitment to protecting your private personal information. Collection and use of personal information When you access this site we collect information in order to facilitate your travel and manage our business, including compliance with all relevant legal and regulatory requirements. Fly Jamaica Airways collects information when you voluntarily provide it, from your browser when you access the site and your browser interacts with us, from other sources in connection with the provision of your transportation needs and other services and from public sources.  The information collected includes your name, addresses and telephone numbers; credit card numbers and related information such as billing address and expiration date, information necessary to facilitate travel, including emergency contacts, medical and requirements; passport, nationality and country of residence data; information related to your employer or corporate affiliation and personal information provided via online surveys or to our customer service agents. We use this and other related personal information collected to process, confirm and fulfill your travel requirements.  We may also use this data for administrative and analytical purposes related to billing and credit card processing and verification, marketing and customer relations activities as well as Fly Jamaica rewards programs. We also use customer information to identify, develop and market products and services which we think you will find useful.  We may combine customer information with information which is publicly available to provide you with a more effective customer experience. Notice to Parents It is not the policy of Fly Jamaica Airways to knowingly collect private personal information from children under the age of 12 years on this site. Fly Jamaica Airways encourages you to talk to your children about safe and responsible use of their personal information while on the internet.  If you are the parent or guardian of a child under the age of 12 years who has provided us with information without your knowledge and/or consent, you may request that we remove it by contacting us at Information Sharing and Disclosure Your personally identifiable information may be disclosed to governmental authorities, if required by law so to do, or to third parties pursuant to a subpoena or other order of the court, or if permitted by law, for the purpose of fighting fraud and protecting the rights and property of Fly Jamaica Airways, our customers, our web site or its users. Fly Jamaica Airways does not sell customer information and uses it only in accordance with this policy.  Your customer information may be shared with Fly Jamaica Airways’ affiliated companies and unaffiliated third parties for the purpose of providing you with travel and travel related services and for the purpose of conducting marketing and customer satisfaction surveys, distribute promotions and other opportunities offered by Fly Jamaica Airways.  These third parties are subject to strict confidentiality and data security requirements and upon completion of services being provided to Fly Jamaica Airways must return the confidential information or destroy it.  Also, only authorized Fly Jamaica Airways employees are allowed to access your information. In the event of a corporate change in control, Fly Jamaica Airways reserves the right to transfer customer information to the new party in control of Fly Jamaica Airways in the normal course of business. Consent If you do not wish to receive this promotional information or want to restrict the sharing of your information with such third parties, you may opt out or restrict the sharing of such information by contacting Fly Jamaica Airways Customer Service at to unsubscribe. Please note that where your personal information is required by governmental agencies your failure to provide the information may result in denial of transportation or denial of authority to enter the boarding area. Security Fly Jamaica Airways takes reasonable precautions to protect information received from our online visitors against unauthorized access.  When you provide us with information for the purpose of booking a reservation your information is encrypted and transferred over a secure connection utilizing secure server software, SSL.  Within Fly Jamaica Airways, your data is stored in password controlled servers with access limited to authorized persons only.  While Fly Jamaica Airways takes reasonable steps to safeguard your data and prevent unauthorized access thereto, we cannot be responsible for the acts of those who gain unauthorized access to your information and make no warranty, express or implied that we will prevent unauthorized access to your personal private information.  IN NO EVENT SHALL FLY JAMAICA AIRWAYS OR ITS AFFILIATES BE LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES, (WHETHER CONSEQUENTIAL, DIRECT, INCIDENTIAL, INDIRECT, PUNITIVE, SPECIAL OR OTHERWISE), ARISING OUT OF, OR IN ANY WAY CONNECTED WITH A THIRD PARTY’S UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS TO YOUR INFORMATION, REGARDLESS OF WHETHER SUCH DAMAGES ARE BASED ON CONTRACT, TORT, STRICT LIABILITY OR ANY OTHER THEORIES OF LIABILITY AND REGARDLESS OF WHETHER FLY JAMAICA AIRWAYS HAD ACTUAL OR CONSTRUCTIVE NOTICE OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES. Changes to the Privacy Policy Fly Jamaica reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time.  We will post all changes here, so be sure to review this Policy from time to time. Contacting us If you have any other questions, comments or concerns about our privacy practices please contact  us  at  

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