Travel Agent Bookings

The travel agency is solely responsible for any third party credit card transaction done via their portal, over the phone or email.

Once the credit card information is provided to a Fly Jamaica Reservations agent by an approved travel agent over the phone, there is no need for verification of the credit card by a FJM representative at checkin.

It is the responsibility of the travel agency to ensure that they get valid authorizations from the card holder before processing payments.

If the agency requires a card to be verified before passenger travel, it must be communicated to us via email to at least Twenty-four (24) hours before travel.

If for any reason a credit card chargeback is received from the cardholder, the travel agency will be invoiced accordingly for the chargeback.

Travel agencies who make the booking via the normal web site instead of their portal will be required to present the credit card for verification at the nearest ticket office or at checkin.

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