Free Baggage Allowances

Free Baggage Allowances

Fly Jamaica Airways will accept for transportation as baggage, any item that is necessary or appropriate for the wear, use, comfort, or convenience of the passenger for the purpose of the trip, subject to the following:

If a passenger exceeds the maximum number of bags permitted and/or the maximum weight allowed for each bag or the maximum dimensions permitted for each checked or carried on bag, the passenger will be subject to the excess baggage charges as outlined in the Excess Baggage chart.

The passenger’s name and point of contact must appear on the baggage. It is recommended that the name and point of contact also be included inside the baggage. Passengers are entitled to carry free of charge checked and cabin baggage as specified and subject to the conditions and limitations set out in the applicable charts. Excess baggage will be accepted on a space available basis only and excess charges will apply (See Excess Baggage page). Sporting equipment, musical instruments and delicate objects may attract charges (See Sporting equipment page & Musical Instruments/ Valuable & Delicate Objects page).


Type of Service Maximum No. of Bags Permitted Weight Per Bag Dimension Per Bag (H+W+L)
All Classes  1 piece 22 lbs/10kg 45 in/115cm


Fly Jamaica Airways permits cabin baggage allowance of 1 piece plus 1 personal item i.e. handbag, camera case, laptop, briefcase, diaper bag, duty free item not exceeding specifications below. Passengers travelling with an infant are allowed a car seat or collapsible stroller on a space available basis. Persons with special needs are allowed to carry free of charge items such as canes, manually operated folding wheelchair and other small medical aids necessary for their use in cabin on a space available basis.

Other items which the person with a disability depends on and which cannot be accommodated in cabin will be accepted as priority checked baggage free of charge e.g. walker, electric wheelchair, manual rigid frame wheelchair and battery operated wheelchair with non-spillable batteries.

Carry-on baggage must be within the size and weight limits to be taken onboard the aircraft. The cabin baggage must fit in the overhead bin or in the space directly in front of the passenger’s seat.

Most security check-points in countries require that you do not carry more than 3.4 oz /100ml of liquids, gels, aerosols and pastes on board. The items should be placed in a single quart size clear plastic zip-top bag and shown to security personnel. Infants and passengers dependent on medication may require additional quantities of medications, baby formula and foods exceeding 3.4 ounces, these items must be declared for inspection at checkpoints. For a comprehensive guide of prohibited items please visit the following websites for the USA & Canada.

USA –, Canada – http//


Type of Service Maximum Number of Bags /Boxes Permitted Maximum Weight Per Bag/Box Maximum Dimension Per Bag/Box (H+W+L)
Business Class 2 pieces 70lb /32kg 62 in/158cm
Economy Class 2 pieces


62 in/158cm

Fly Jamaica Airways will accept your suitcases and boxes subject to the allowances below and on the condition that the baggage does not contain restricted items which are forbidden by the laws of countries flying over, to or from, items which pose a danger to the aircraft or persons and property on board the aircraft, items which are fragile, perishable or valuable, animals except service animals carried by persons with disabilities and other restricted items. Please check with our reservations call center or review our page on restricted items before finalizing your travel arrangements.

Persons with disabilities are allowed to carry as checked baggage free of charge their aids e.g. wheelchair, walker or medical aids acceptable to Fly Jamaica Airways’ safety procedures which cannot be accommodated in the cabin of the aircraft.

Infants occupying a seat are allowed 1 piece of checked baggage.

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