Conditions of Contract

Air Transportation on Fly Jamaica Airways is governed by the carrier’s Tariff and Contract of Carriage. A copy of Fly Jamaica’s Airways Tariff is available for inspection at our airport counters, on the website and at our corporate office. A copy of Fly Jamaica Airways Contract of Carriage is available on the website  Fly Jamaica Airways Contract of Carriage is a comprehensive guide for your review on provisions governing baggage rules, restricted items, polices regarding travel for children and persons with disabilities, documents, check-in rules, liability limitations and other travel requirements.

  1. Carrier’s rules, regulations and conditions of carriage are subject to change without notice, except as may be required by applicable laws, government regulations, orders and requirements provided, that no such change shall apply to a Contract of Carriage after carriage has commenced.
  2. Fly Jamaica Airways provides tickets for transportation.  A ticket means the carrier holds reservations which have been paid for in the reservations database. This ticket and provisions in the Tariff forms the contract which entitles the passenger to carriage (transportation) on the flights specified in the itinerary and the applicable baggage allowance. Fares are subject to change prior to commencement of carriage.  International Carriage is subject to the provisions, rules and limitations of the Warsaw Convention or Montreal Convention where applicable as it relates to air travel.
  3. Passengers are allowed 1 item of cabin baggage and 2 free pieces of checked baggage which must meet specified dimensions and weight (see baggage allowance). Infants traveling in lap are allowed 1 item of baggage. Persons with disabilities may carry their medical or mobility aids which they depend on free of charge, carrier will advise the approximate stowage of such items.
  4. The passenger who was given a baggage identification tag when Fly Jamaica took possession of the baggage is entitled to accept delivery of the baggage. Damage or delay of baggage should be reported to the carrier before leaving the airport. If damage is discovered after leaving the airport the passenger has seven calendar days to report this to Fly Jamaica. If baggage is delayed the passengers should submit complaints to the carrier within 21 calendar days after the occurrence.  An action must be taken within two years after the occurrence.
  5. Schedules and seat assignments are not guaranteed and are subject to change without notice. Alternate aircraft or carriers may be substituted without notice. Fly Jamaica Airways reserves the right to alter or omit stopping places in your itinerary if necessary.
  6. No agent, employee or representative of the carrier has the authority to alter, modify or waive any provisions of the contract unless authorized by a corporate officer of Fly Jamaica Airways.
  7. The carrier will be responsible for the furnishing of transportation only over its own services, including those services offered via code-share arrangements where the flight is operated by another carrier. However, when the carrier issues a ticket, baggage check, or makes any other arrangements for transportation over the services of any other carrier (whether or not such transportation is part of a through service), the carrier acts only as agent for such other carrier and the tariff of that other carrier will apply. Fly Jamaica Airways Limited will assume no responsibility for the acts or omissions of such other carrier.
  8. Unless the fare rule governing a specific fare basis code applicable to the transportation purchased by the passenger states otherwise, the general rules contained in Fly Jamaica’s tariff will apply.

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